Subscription Policy

Course Subscription
When you subscribe to a GrowthSpot Course:

  • You’ll have paid access to that course. If you want paid access to another course not included in your subscription, you’ll need to make another payment.

  • You'll be charged every month until you complete every course in that Specialization, or you cancel your subscription.

  • You'll be able to access all course materials for every chapter in that course for as long as your subscription is active.

  • You can cancel your subscription any time. There are no partial refunds for subscriptions, so you'll need to cancel before your next payment date.

  • You'll get a Certificate when you complete every course in the Specialization you subscribed to.


If you want to stop your subscription payments before you complete the course, you can cancel your subscription. The subscription charges will stop after the billing period and there will be no payments in the future. When you subscribe to a GrowthSpot, your payments will automatically end once you unsubscribe or refuse to continue other related courses.

When you cancel a GrowthSpot course subscription:

  • You will still have paid access to the course content and quiz until the end of the billing period

  • Courses you were subscribed to will disappear from your My Courses page

  • The subscription charges will stop after the billing period and there will be no payments in the future

  • There are no partial refunds, so any payments you made before canceling will not be refunded

  • You will keep any Certificates you earned while subscribed

  • You won't be able to access paid course materials in that course, including graded assignments

How to cancel a subscription

1.Log into your GrowthSpot - Thinkific account

2.Click on your name or picture in the top right of your Thinkific site header and select My Account.

3.Select the Billing tab

4.Hit Cancel for that subscription or payment plan

5.The subscription will then change to "Cancelled" in Stripe, and you will automatically lose access to the associated content at the end of their billing period